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DeliverFresh - Home Microgreen Delivery

Subscription Options

Small (about 1/2 of picture to left)

Small delivery once per month  $20 

 Small delivery twice per month $35

Large (about picture to left*)

Large delivery once per month $40 

Large delivery twice per month $55

*tray not included

Service Area

Our Service Area includes Memphis and the metropolitan area.  See map for details

What is DeliverFresh?

 Fresh Greens Farm is proud to announce an exciting new local food delivery program.  Freshly grown microgreens, delivered to your door, year round – on a cancel-anytime subscription basis.  And during the main growing season, each delivery will include 1-2 other greens from our farm such as salad mix, herbs, kale, swiss chard, collard greens, arugula, spinach, or braising mix.
The cost per month is $20-$55 depending on how many microgreens you want to receive.  Microgreens are young plant shoots around 7-20 days old.  They are tender and packed with flavor and nutrition. In fact, a 2012 nutritional analysis study by the University of Maryland found that microgreens were 4-40 times more nutrient-dense than their mature counterparts ( So eating a cup of radish microgreens is similar to eating 30-40 cups of mature radishes, as they were some of the most nutritious in the study.
Subscribe and throw out your multi-vitamins!We are offering a limited number of subscriptions in 2019.  
This is how the subscription works:

  1. Your home or workplace must be within our delivery area, 


  1. If you are not within our delivery area, please send us an email ( to let us know you’re interested, Once enough people in your area express interest, we will begin delivery to your neighborhood.
  2. Choose to receive a share once or twice per month, or a large flat of cut-yourself live greens (just cut as you use) once or twice per month
  3. We rotate the variety of microgreens to keep things interesting! Varieties include Sweet Pea, Sunflower, Radish, Mild Mix, Spicy Mix, Bread & Butter Mix, Arugula, and more!

All greens are grown without chemicals, and with love.  Microgreens are all grown at our farm home base in Cordova, TN.  Call us at 901-574-9705 if you have any questions before beginning.
After checking out, you will receive a welcome email with more details about the program and our delivery schedule.
Want a sample first?  Email me at with your address and I will drop one by.  (Put a cooler on your porch in a shady spot and I will leave it there if you are not home) 


Things happen.  If you want to cancel your subscription click the button below.  If it was something we did let us know and we will make it right.  We value our relationship with you.   Karen Taylor