Caring for your Living MICROGREENS


Living Versus Cut MICROGREENS

You can buy your microgreens cut or living.  Living microgreens are great if you know you can provide the environment they need to thrive. Living microgreens stay fresh longer and have the possibility of a second growth

Cut microgreens are harvested within days of you purchasing them.  In some cases they are harvested the same day!  This extreme freshness is why  they will last up to  2 weeks in the refrigerator but this depends upon the variety.  Some must be used within 5 days such as many herbs and popcorn.

Care for Living Microgreens

Your microgreens are grown in coconut fiber with no fertilizer or pesticides. 


You can leave them on a counter, in a sunny window, or put them in the refrigerator.  The light requirements differ by crop.  Cabbage  family and radish require less light and can do fine under your florescent kitchen lights.  Others like pea thrive with more sunlight and do well in a sunny window or grow light.  If you plan on putting them outside keep them in a shady spot and start out giving them the outdoor life for only a  few hours a day.   Indirect sunlight is plenty for these tender plants.  These microgreens were grown indoors and are not used to the intense environment of the outdoors.


You can put the clear plastic lid under the black grow tray to allow you to water your microgreens.  Your  microgreens  will need you to keep the grow media (looks like soil) moist.  Add  1/8 oz of water to the clear tray  every day or two when the soil feels dry.   Do not let your microgreens dry out.  


Microgreens are most flavorful and nutritious before they get their true leaves.  Its recommended you eat your crop before they get too big.   Some microgreens  should be eaten before they  get their true leaves or they will become tough or bitter.  Pea microgreens may require extra cooking if they get taller than 10 inches.  Sunflower becomes bitter when the true leaves form.  Due  to the short window of peak flavor certain microgreens are not recommended that they be purchased living to maximize their flavor.  These are not recommended for living microgreens.    Sunflower.   We do offer sunflower living since some customers want to regrow their tray.

If  you have any questions about how to care for your microgreens contact us! We love questions

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